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about Jake

Over the last few years, Jake Adler has proven himself in the ever-changing music landscape with phenomenal success. He rose to prominence under the moniker Adler XCVI with his hit singles Tired Eyes , Something I Said , and Believe in Love. Throughout his career, he has accumulated over 13 million streams across popular platforms. Jake has had his musical works featured on countless well-respected music blogs, achieve two Beatport #1 singles, as well as syndicated features on a well-known television web series. Coming from humble beginnings, Jake hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has achieved these accomplishments only at the age of 28. Despite his success as Adler XCVI, Jake has rediscovered himself and his sound. Jake ' s debut album 26 was released on November 11th, 2022, followed by his EP Rx in 2023.

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